Theatre Talks

From Victorian opera Houses to opulent movie palaces,
Cezar Del Valle offers a series of  entertaining and information theatre talks and walking tours. 

May 18, 2014 Bowery walking tour for the Lower East Side Preservation Initiative (L.E.S.P.I.)
Photograph copyright Betty Sword, all rights reserved

"Our open meeting was a full-to-capacity event.
Guest speaker Cezar Del Valle, a theatre historian from the New York Council for the Humanities,
gave an exquisite presentation."
--The Richmond Hill Historical Society

"Thank you for a fabulous 'matinee.'
The audience loved hearing about the theatres and were entralled with your slides..
--Tracey Simon, Program Coordinator,
Lynbrook Library

"The presentation was wonderful. Thanks for coming."
--Kelly & Linda
Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council

"Del Valle is an extremely entertaining presenter.
Too many historians have a tin ear for what is interesting. Absolutely the opposite with Del Valle."
--Trav S. D., Travelanche

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