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Poitier onstage at the Bedford


The Brooklyn Eagle, August 12, 1951

The Brooklyn Eagle, August 2, 1951:
“Loew’s Bedford Theater announces the booking of two Broadway stage plays with all-star, all-Negro casts. First of the stage hits is Sidney Kingsley’s dramatic ‘Detective Story,’ starring Sidney Poittier [sic], star of the film ‘No Way Out,’ which premieres at the Bedford Wednesday, Aug. 8, for six days. Reserved seats will be scaled at one-third of the original Broadway price."

“Somerset Maugham’s ‘Rain’ starring Nina Mae McKinney, will open at the Bedford on Wednesday, Aug. 15.”

Loew's Bedford, Tax Photo 1939-1941

The New York Age, February 2, 1918:
“…there has been a growing tendency to be less liberal in the treatment of colored patrons in some theatres and public places since the court declared that a colored man has no right of recovery against a saloon-keeper who refuses to serve him.
     “Two days after word came from Albany relative to the Court of Appeals opinion the management of the Bedford Theatre, Brooklyn, adopted the policy of excluding colored people from the first floor, although prior to the court’s decision colored patrons were permitted to sit in any part of the house.”

Loew's Bedford
1372 Bedford Avenue

Sidney Poitier

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