Saturday, October 24, 2020

It's Alive!--Monster Sales in Brooklyn


 The Brooklyn Eagle, Home Talk Section, January 8, 1932 


 Excerpts from an article in the Brooklyn Eagle, Home Talk Section, January 8, 1932:

"Dr. Frankenstein, the monster maker, whose creation was more than he could manage, at least can take credit for the monster sales campaign which opens tomorrow in South Brooklyn and Bay Ridge.

"In a tieup with the R.K.O. Dyker and Prospect theaters, local merchants through Home Talk are offering bargains during the week to end next Saturday. The screens of both theaters will tell the story to moviegoers and lobby displays will aid in the merchandising campaign "   

"The inspiration for the sales week resulted from the booking of that spectacular movie 'Frankenstein' by the local R.K.O. theaters. It opens at both the Dyker and the Prospect on Saturday, with a premiere tonight. Thousands stormed the Mayfair on Broadway when it was shown there." 


The Brooklyn Eagle, Home Talk Section, January 9, 1932




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