Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bedford Theatre, 1372 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

Text from the soon to be published Brooklyn Theatre Index, Volume 1, Third Edition 

Loew's Bedford Theatre, New York City Tax Photo, 1940

The New York Age, February 2, 1918:
“…there has been a growing tendency to be less liberal in the treatment of colored patrons in some theatres and public places since the court declared that a colored man has no right of recovery against a saloon-keeper who refuses to serve him.
“Two days after word came from Albany relative to the Court of Appeals opinion the management of the Bedford Theatre, Brooklyn, adopted the policy of excluding colored people from the first floor, although prior to the court’s decision colored patrons were permitted to sit in any part of the house.”

The Brooklyn Eagle, “Help Wanted—Female,” January 10, 1924:
“Ushers wanted, light colored girls, Fox Bedford Theater, Bedford av. and Bergen street.” 

African-American Holiness Pentecostal Movement: An Annotated Bibliography by Sherry S. DuPree, Routledge, 1995:
“On Sunday, May 4, 1952, they [Washington Temple Church of God] moved into their present church home, the old Bedford Theater on Bedford Ave.”

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  1. I remember the Bedford Theater. As a child I would go there on Saturday afternoon. This was the first movie that I went to at night. Of course I lied about my age at the time, maybe I was 12 or 13 or so. It was a neighborhood movie. It was sold and became a church but whenever I think of it, it is always as a movie house.

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