Friday, September 9, 2016

TRANS-LUX THEATRE, 561 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Slowly editing and updating Fulton Street for Volume II of the Index.

One of the lesser known downtown houses was located at 561 Fulton Street, lasting only a few years with three name changes:

Newsreel theatre with rear projection

Trans-lux International Theatre 1935
Opening October 11, 1935 with "Moscow Laughs"--"first Soviet jazz musical comedy" 

Fulton Playhouse

Exterior photo from Motion Picture Herald, November 17, 1934:

"Night view of the new Trans-Lux theatre in Brooklyn, N. Y., designed on the same style
 as previous houses of this operator's turnstile type"

Advertisement from Motion Picture Herald, July 27, 1935:

"Women's Lounge", Motion Picture Herald, August 24, 1935:

"Silk covered walls of tan and red"

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